Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb
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  • Fast acting boost of clarity for all types of ponds
  • Breaks down ammonia and nitrite quickly to restore a biological equilibrium
  • Cleans up organic waste to boost clarity of water
  • Works well in all types of ponds, with or without conventional filtration
  • Voted pond product of the year by the readers' of practical fish keeping magazine

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb is available in Cleaners category

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Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb is available in Cleaners

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb is a fast acting, intensive pond treatment which, with its friendly bacteria and enzymes, clean up organic waste and break down ammonia and nitrate, leaving the pond crystal clear. This concentrated version of Pure Pond can be put into the filter or straight into the pond, and is ideal for use in ornamental ponds, koi ponds, water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration. Each single Pond Bomb treats any sized pond up to 20,000 litres. Treatment can be repeated as required.

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Very Very Pleased/Be Patient!, 4 July 2016

This is an amazing product and I am so happy to give a 5 star review of this pond bomb..:- In the Spring some ducks came to our pond (first time in three years) and churned up the bottom silt and decaying organic matter causing the water to become like black tea! (I scooped out a glass of water to examine it).. I spent several days shooing the ducks away.. They are lovely to look at but cause a lot of mess and damage in a small pond and also two of the baby fish died as their scales had been damaged.. I know the river and canal is not far from us so I knew the ducks would have better feeding areas there..

But even more alarming was the fact that my 30+ assorted size goldfish then hid well away and wouldn't come out to feed for weeks and weeks on end. At first I thought they were just spooked by the ducks disturbing their habitat, but after seeing the horrible brown coloured water I realised they were shutting themselves down naturally to protect themselves from the...

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Hopeful!, 29 Sept. 2015
I do not have a filter on my 1/4 acre pond so I can't be sure that this is working, but think the water seems clearer, so have my fingers crossed that this is working. The pond is too far from the house to put in filtration so I have to rely on trying this product, which has good reviews.

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Worked for me - but it does take time., 21 Nov. 2016
I was not sure whether to buy this - reading some comments you get the usual range of views. I have a very small but deep wildlife pond with golden minnows in and it had green water (not a mega problem) but also developed a bit of scum type stuff on the top which I didn't like. Results - well after a week or so I noticed that the scum was going and there was definitely a clearer look to the water; after a month or so things were much much better. The scum never returned (its winter now) and water stayed clearer. So - -be patient it takes time. The fish had no problem nor did the plants and frogs so I guess it's helped everyone. I'll use it again if the symptoms ever return.

Verified Purchase This review is from: Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Bomb (Misc.)