Indorex Flea Spray
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  • Kills fleas and lice inside your home
  • One treatment lasts 6 months


Indorex Household Flea Spray represents a modern method to combat flea infestations. The Household Flea Spray contains a combination of 3 ingredients. Permethrin, an iseciticide which will qucikly and effectively kill adult fleas in your pets environment. Piperonyl Butoxde reinforces the activity of the Permethrin. Priproxyfen is a long lasting Insect Growth Regulator which prevents Flea Eggs and Larvae from developing into adults. The 3 ingredients break the Flea Life cycle and provide continuous protection for up to 12 months.

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Color Flea Spray
Cure, prevention and mutant fleas., 21 May 2017

I have used Indorex for years now. At first I used it after a terrible flea season during which time we had 2 dogs and 3 cats. We seemed to be living in a flea infested hovel. The dogs, cats and humans were all itchy and incredibly grouchy and the fleas were obviously having the house party from heaven. Once I'd washed all the bedding, vacuumed everywhere and wiped the entire house down I sprayed this on everything. It worked impressively well and is so simple to use that I reckon my dog could have used it if all the humans had been eaten by mutant fleas.

We use it as a preventative now by spraying twice to three times a year on all the soft furnishings, pet and human beds.. Our pets have no problem with it and as long as you stick to the instructions you won't choke to death.

- Harmful by inhalation - Don't spray for too long otherwise you'll be seeing stars or those cute birdies from the cartoons.

- Irritating to skin - So are fleas and dust mites, but...

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Revenge for my ankle bites, 1 July 2017
Spayed it as per instructions and watched the fleas first squirm then die slowly until the last twitch. Revenge for my ankle bites was sweet!

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Completely wiped out our flea infestation by the next morning!, 1 July 2018
This spray is incredible! after 2 weeks of a ludicrous amount of fleas on our 1 cat and all over our home (and our legs upon entering any room no joke between 3 and 8 fleas would pounce!) this spray got rid of every single one of them in less than a day. We sprayed all carpets and upholstery once lightly following the directions then left doors and a window open to ventillate as it doesn't smell bad but there is a smell, woke up the next morning (smell gone) and haven't seen a flea since! (aside from combing the last few pesky ones out of our poor cat that had avoided the spray by being on her)

Verified Purchase This review is from: Indorex Flea Spray (Misc.)